Allow Spec Orb in PVP

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Joey Pastas
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Joey Pastas

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TLDR: PC players have a huge advantage over mobile players in spec and inventory speed, to the point of rendering PVP unviable for mobile players. PVP spec bubble wouldn't grant additional advantage to PC players, and it would only assist the already hampered mobile players.

The special attack orb is a newly added function, added presumably to assist mobile players with special attack timing. As it stands currently, PC players can spec in one tick while switching weapons and without even moving their mouse. This move is currently impossible on mobile client because of how the tabs automatically close, and the fact that the combat tab is on the left and inventory tab is on the right. Addition of the spec orb partially evens out this discrepancy between the two clients, or at least it would of it actually worked in PVP

30-Apr-2019 23:17:21

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Have not played the mobile version, mostly as it's still in beta and I can't be bothered to see if my device will support it. Or were you talking about the throwback game on the wrong board?

Either way, it sounds like you want to hamstring PC players to compensate for a constraint mobile users have on account of the device's limitations? Wouldn't it better to refine the mechanic/interface, or for mobile users to admit they're going to have these issues if they use such devices?

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30-Apr-2019 23:39:53

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