Move NPC at Alch Hydra Boss

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Recently I got 95 slayer and started doing the Alchemical Hydra. It is a good boss with fun mechanics that can be completely avoided if played properly. However after 30 kills or so I got a disconnect and when I logged in again, I saw I had died. Now ofcourse this can happen, it happened to me quite alot in the past, that I disconnected while doing vorkath or zulrah.

The difference between dieing at Alchemical Hydra and Zulrah/Vorkath is that you have to walk past Hydras, which potentially can kill you before you get to the chest where you can recollect your stuff. Ofcourse those Hydras hit very low and should usually not kill you. The reason I died in the first place at Alchemical Hydra was because of a disconnect though, so it would not be out of the ordinary to disconnect another time and as a result lose half your bank value because of that.

I suggest moving the NPC for recollecting your stuff to the start of the dungeon, to make it safe to pick up your stuff, in line with other bosses like Vorkath and Zulrah. I know there is an agility shortcut to the NPC, however this requires 88 agility, which to me seems a bit excessive for just guaranteeing a safe method for picking up your stuff. I think the shortcut should stay in the game though, to still make it faster for those people to get to the ALchemical Hydra. I feel like the NPC should be moved to the front of the dungeon though.

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