"Eternal" Slayer bracelets.

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Exactly what it sounds like, except you have to charge it like the Ring of Suffering.

Currently I find it rather annoying having to equip new ones and keep track of the charges.

There could be many ways to implement this but my favorite 3 ideas are as follows:

1: A new drop from superiors

2: A new item the brimstone chest.
While it is already packed with good rewards, none of it is exciting (for the average player)

3: A new drop from a new or existing slayer boss
(there certainly are some slayer bosses that could do with additional drops in their table in my opinion but it might not make sense for it to drop from those unless all the slayer bosses have a chance at dropping it, maybe even just any boss if on slayer task)

As for stats I'd suggest perhaps a prayer bonus or two but it's really not necessary.

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