More Treasure less Hunting plz

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I'm not for, nor against this suggestion.

Less xp lamps and stars, everybody gets more than they need anyway.
More likely to win in some event promotions.
More likely to win 200m or purple gems.
More cash out prizes.

Even more low cost items added as replacements for xp.
Possibly even less chances to win something useful, depending.
Possibly making promotions more xp based since lack of xp post update.
Less players maxing. Not everybody plays routinely and the xp rewards do help people.

I'm sure there's a lot more for both pros and cons, but imo, I agree with Draco saying it's fine as is and that a change isn't needed.

Although an option of having a higher likelihood of winning items vs xp and vice versa, with a balanced option inbetween would be a good alternative.
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