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Can Jagex please update Hearts of Ice to affect preferences when using more than 1 key.

Currently if you freeze 10 white gems and then use 1 key, half of those white gems will then be randomized into a different color - so then you end up accidentally freezing a possible orange or red item.

When I get multiple keys and want to roll 10, I don't want to lose the chances of a red or orange item and I want it to keep freezing white rewards only.
Even if you select the white preference in the customization, once you roll more than once, those white gems that were frozen will now be freezing orange or red items.

Currently the only way to do this is to roll 1 key at a time, change the customization for each roll until I'm out of keys which is frustrating.

If I set my preference to a max of 10 white gems, have the frozen gems follow the randomization and keep freezing only white gems.

As it stands I have 10000 hearts of ice that I can't use unless I want to use them one at a time.

26-Feb-2019 01:23:40

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