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Yeah, IMO Treasure Hunter is very artificial. It's nothing more than a survival tactic for Jagex, but I respect they gotta do what they gotta do. The RS3 community is severed compared to that of 2010 and before, so the revenue has to come from somewhere.

Besides, whenever the treasure chest appears bouncing around in the top left corner of my screen. I'll stop what I'm doing and go treasure hunting. The item perks are strong and reasonable IMO.

Furthermore, smithing, cooking, crafting, fletching: they all suck as skills. They're 100% repetitive. So at least protean items mitigate this to an extent. I went from 77-80 smithing thanks to Postie Pete.

To state it another way, with 5 large packs, 6 medium, and 10 small protean packs, which in total is nearly impossible to acquire in a reasonable amount of time, I got just over 700k xp. This means little to someone fighting for max or 200M xp.

31-May-2018 14:46:41

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