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David James

David James

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Too many players depend on the P2W/MTX crutch to advance in the game; sadly removing TH would most likely cause more players to quit than return as both:

1. The damage has already been done, ruining any real potential for a sense of accomplishment as even after a removal there will still be those players that used P2W to get ahead and stay there.

2. Everybody that DID want to continue playing switched to OSRS, and most likely won't return even after TH's removal.

Besides, it's not like there wasn't already illegitimate P2W/MTX in the form of RWT (especially rampant at the highest level of players) already. All Jagex did was make it easier/safer/cheaper for the regular player whilst taking a cut for themselves.

I originally quit many years ago because of the initial introduction of P2W completely undermining my accomplishments and achievements by allowing someone willing to drop hundreds (potentially thousands) of dollars to do what I did in many years in a freakin' month.

I came back after seeing OSRS on mobile whilst switching games, and after the initial nostalgia wore off I got burned out having to start all over and decided to check up on things in RS3.

Now so much XP is thrown at you even without paying to get ahead that doing the latter seems kinda pointless imo. Not to mention there's so much frivolous bullcrap e'rrywhere that in all honesty; who the fuck cares anymore? Worry about your own yard rather than just griping about how your neighbor's is greener cuz they dropped money on it to make it so.

The only "prestige" is reserved for ironman style accounts, as anything else you're just seen as having paid to get to the top. If people wanna blow their money on something that's not even real then I say let em, eventually the game will die like all other games and they'll be left with nothing except wasted time AND money.

Like many people I wish this path had never been started upon; but it's just too late now really.

26-Jan-2019 22:56:33

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