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I don't think removing Treasure Hunter is necessary, but it could still serve a purpose and generate revenue for Jagex. As a "daily login incentive", Treasure Hunter isn't bad. Jagex needs to be careful to balance promotions to ensure that they don't devalue the achievements or make content on there impossible for the average completion player to attain.

For example, making skilling outfits attainable through skilling, Vic the trader, and other sources was probably a change that many people enjoyed since prior to the implementation of these avenues folks had to either purchase keys with real-life currency or with in-game bonds. Introducing promotional items isn't a bad idea, but instead of releasing the same old promotions over and over again, perhaps they should focus on introducing new and interesting cosmetics.

Some promotions seem excessive, such as the rainbow one for example. Other MMO's, and MMORG's manage to generate plenty of revenue through exclusive cosmetics and skins. It isn't necessary to make promotions involve large amounts of XP or bonus XP. I would like to see more development investment into introducing unique cosmetics. Although controversial, if Jagex were to introduce new and truly discontinued items through TH, they could consistently generate revenue, while keeping players interested in collecting them. When the same items are reintroduced, the value diminishes and after a while players lose interest...

31-May-2018 04:09:56

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