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07-Sep-2017 20:01:32

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Miu said:
HC Pleb 2958 said:
All these ppl supporting something that'll never happen...

I'd rather support something that would never happen than stand idly by as the integrity of the game is rotted away for a quick buck.

so brave

07-Sep-2017 21:03:18

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While you are most certainly entitled to your own opinions, there's really no need to use words that insults your fellow peers. For this reason, your post above has been hidden. If you have nothing nice to say, no need to post it at all.

Please keep your posts constructive in the future.

All the best,
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07-Sep-2017 22:36:46

Kelly Br00k

Kelly Br00k

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Support, but won't ever happen. This monster is too big to be tamed anymore and it'll only grow larger and hungrier. :|

This beast has killed a lot of my fun in-game because it brought along with it the astronomical price tag on bonds which I in the past bought aplenty for RuneCoins and sometimes events. :(

29-Sep-2017 02:20:55

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D E L A Y said:

I don't see the correlation between new players and the assumption they'd invest in MTX. Considering how most games are nowadays, a majority of new generation players probably won't care. Look at WoW for example, you can literally buy your way to level 100, buy tokens for in-game gold, all while its $15 a month to play, on top of having to purchase WoW itself and its expansions. I don't see an outcry in their community.

There is absolutely outcry from the community. Mounts and battle pets especially. (Cosmetics are a bit different, but even then.)

The WoW Token had a ton of backlash too. I don't know what current consensus is, but there were a lot of unhappy people when it came out. Even more w/e nowadays considering you can redeem it for RL money on your B-Net account instead of just membership.

The max-level tokens also get a lot of flak. More so because people don't know how to play their class and refuse to learn... Some are also mad at the prospect of "I had to level to max, so should everyone else!"

Personally prefer GW/GW2 model of pay once, free for life. GW2's diamond shop is a sour point, but the fact that you can swap gold for diamonds makes it a little less w/e.

01-Oct-2017 08:01:57

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NeuralNet said:

WoW has no real equivalent to Treasure Hunter at all. There is WoW Coins which are like Bonds, and some cosmetic items maybe 1/10 as many as Solomon Store. The level booster is actually free, it's to encourage new players and give them access to high level content quickly.

Honestly, the cosmetics aren't a big deal. Even if they were, there's not enough of them to have much of any impact (And far more that can be earned in game regardless.)

Mounts and b-pets are a bigger deal. And while WoW coins aren't a thing, the WoW token allows you to add money to your b-net account. It's the biggest reason it costs over 160k gold on average on US servers nowadays.

And the level booster is only free per expansion. You can buy more for 60 a piece (If they haven't changed price.) It's a nice touch but honestly annoying when people don't learn their damn class before rushing off to do dungs and other group content.

01-Oct-2017 08:24:18

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