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Draco, do you know this thing called reddit? Like, there is a "handfull" of people who dont like it, like, the majority of the rs community? The most hated man in all of JaGeX. Greed is NOT Good!

02-Oct-2017 13:25:58

Exit Wound

Exit Wound

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How about we remove Treasure Hunter, Rune Coins, and Bonds while increasing monthly membership to $17.99 a month.


You want MTX free? Go play OSRS until they decide to add it in there as well, then you can rage quit and find a new game. ;)
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02-Oct-2017 21:52:08



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TH can stay, just stop wasting all of the dev time on new promotions for us to spend money on for once. Put the dev time where it counts. Like fixing this dying game. Sick of the company wasting all of their time and money trying to trick us into paying more dollars for endless new useless cosmetic outfits that do nothing.
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Update the rules, Trade Lock Scammers

02-Oct-2017 22:57:52

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