th ruined high scores

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as well as bonds

maybe give top ranks on highscores the option to leave the highscores to free it up by offering people at 200m ttl exp in a single skill something
and maybe with 5.2b exp give them something else
they loose their rank freeing up the high scores for others, but they obtain something ingame
but its their choice to leave the highscores
the only thing ppl will relate too is party hats but anything can be thought off
so maybe pink party hat for having 200m exp in a skill
black party hat for 5.2b exp overall
tradable or not (tradable would most likely get them to remove themselves from highscores)
or maybe a full outfit of something, a golden gnome pet etc etc

the only hope is to get 200m exp and then people before you on it get banned for botting or rwt or something to bump up your rank
but this may be a better way
maybe 2 sets of high scores, a secret one for people actually with 200m/max ttl exp, that people are put on after the buy out option, that no one else can see, then the actual one for people working on their overall rank

if you choose to go on private highscores you get a your own world too (shared with other maxed in the highscores, your own forum etc
maybe new ingame content and more promos on keys
just an example

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