Hearts of Ice not working

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doing treasure hunter chests and after freezing all but 1 rare token then scrolling past another time to make sure that it would be the only option if i rolled a red.
i roll 10 and get 2 reds that weren't my unfrozen choice...
i have a video as evidence of this but nowhere to post it.
How exactly do hearts of ice work? do they work?

21-Feb-2019 10:49:10

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If you have video material, just upload it to Youtube and post the link here, it's allowed as long as the material in the video is appropriate for the forums.

But since you haven't posted it, I'm gonna mention a couple things based on what you described:

1. When you pick the 10-key option, the prizes for each key change every time you claim one of the prizes, just like they change after each key when you use the 1-key option. You can't use the 10-key option to roll 10 times on the same pool of prizes, its sole purpose is to speed up using your keys if you can't be bothered to use them one-by-one.

2. During clairvoyance promotion/effects that work similarly to clairvoyance, when Treasure Hunter shows to you the color/rarity of the prize in the chest, the prize in that chest has already been pre-determined: you cannot use hearts of ice to narrow down the possible prizes, and if you try to do it, you risk freezing the pre-determined prize. If you then roll on the frozen pre-determined prize, Treasure Hunter completely rerolls that prize, including its rarity.
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21-Feb-2019 11:02:28

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When you froze those rewards, it only froze them for 1 key. Once you use the key, all the rewards change. You can see this by doing what you did again, use 1 key, then rescroll back through the rewards. You'll find they all changed. So the reason your results varied was because you rolled 10 keys, so the first one was how you set, the other 9 were not.

26-Feb-2019 01:18:10

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