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Mauhur said:
I'm loving this promo so far. Already got a couple antique chests and I'm sure if I had a large stack of keys I'd be able to collect a large pile of old TH cosmetics. With this promo at least I can pick a chest that has a prize pool I want.

Out of all the ones I got the only item I received from any was a lucky chaotic spear...

Also on a side note Jagex I've yet to see a "bonus chest"
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14-Oct-2018 19:33:32

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Rare that I post about TH promos - But have to say this one is excellent and by far the best over the past few months,

Would be great to see this a lot more often - With other past TH promos in the duel I:E skilling outfits/starfury etc,

Well done team - Truly one of the best in awhile :)

14-Oct-2018 23:36:13

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I've been playing this game for years... I am so sorry to say that it has peaked and now has hit its lowest of lows. Selling xp and giving up on its players. Every single person I used to play with 4 or 5 years ago now play OSRS or have completely quit all together. Instead of trying to sell levels and item to rich kids with moms credit card why not work on what the game actually is lacking. Like tons of other people on here CONTENT!!! The number one thing I see wrong is that every mini game that was once the focal point of the game i.e Pest Control, Barbarian Assault, Castle Wars, Fight Pits have all gone down the pooop shoot. The xp and items given by the things that were actually fun to do, simply are not worth even doing. Don't even get me started on the castle wars rewards.... so many hours of game play for armor equivalent to rune...? Back to the topic at hand... Either share this shitty pay to win crap with OSRS or get rid of it.

15-Oct-2018 02:10:19

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So what's Tuesday's XP sale going to be??? "Three-way standoff Loot"!!!



But seriously, I could use some more Skilling backpack charges, or even better, Protean cogs. Must fuel the rocket that is Invention!

And while I'm at it, can I have a Castle Wars Iron Unicorn?
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RotáSoul said:
Great! Now I don't have to play the game at all to win. and you don't have to do shit to get paid for your horrible game!


You could have bought bond and not play the games at all to win since the release of Bond in over 5 or 6 or 7 years ago already. Perhaps you are just too late to realize. :)

11-Mar-2019 19:11:21

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