Hacker got passed bank pin?

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Hey Cute Fella.

Please make your own thread about your issue , that will help US there are helping out in this area of forums.

Just changing Password/Bank Pin will not help in your case , meaning before you did that , would you need to figure out where the weak link in your security are.

If your bank pin still are active , then can your information only be leaked in 2 way's :

1 You told some one (meaning you got phished some how)
2 There are a Rat in your system.

This is what i would suggest you to do :


2. (if you also played on your phone)



If you have done full scans with a Good anti virus and a malware finder program and you got a message saying NO TREATS found , do that not mean your computer/device are safe and clean , but rather there are something but we can't find it , then do you really need to look into all Programs/Apps/Clients you have pulled down.
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