Too many login attempts issue

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client message : Too many login attempts ,please try again in 5 minutes .
website message : You have been blocked from logging in. Please try again later.

i leave for hours then try again and the same error shows up .

this issue started like 2 days ago, i cant log in to any account i have (website or game ) on my main internet (phone or PC ). i have DHCP enabled ( my public IP changes every like 2-5 minutes or so ).

before i couldn't hop worlds , every time i tried to do so it kicked me out of the game to the main login screen, it was really annoying but i managed to stay on 1 world.
But now i cant even log in unless i use VPN or my backup internet ( I can login completely fine on both and hop worlds normally also ).

is this a common problem, please help.

Thank you in advance

04-Aug-2019 05:44:55

Oct Member 2019


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you are not alone thats having this problem. started 2-3 days back. and there is like short 2-3 hours time when i can log in to forums or ing and try to find a solution. hopefully some1 can fix or help with it. changing password or ip doesnt help. me brother using same ip next to me has same problem.

04-Aug-2019 10:18:59

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