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mutu matu

mutu matu

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So my other account got banned yesturday with clear evidence of using bot softwares which I have NOT done. I'm also 99% sure the account wasnt all the sudden hacked and botted on at the 10 hours where I didn't play. Annoying thing is its a 48h ban and appeal etc can take 14days apparently. Do I now loose 2days of membership because of their mistakes? Not end of the world but very annoying to pay for something I didn't do. Also I really don't like the way how people and jagex make it sound how sure it is the offense has been done when such mistakes have been made by this company before too. I would really like if I could get an email etc to ask for review of my account and not just wait 48hours and let it slide under the rug.

25-Jul-2019 07:10:24

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Hi there
mutu matu

If you want to appeal, use the appeal button on the Account Bans support page.

If you are certain your account is secure, you should review what aids you have been using to play the game.
Are you using a third party client? Have you re-programmed your mouse?

The only contact point for an issue like this is the appeal form.
Any other contact methods will not get the issue looked at sooner.
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25-Jul-2019 07:17:10

mutu matu

mutu matu

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Third party aplications I've been using would be runelite, the normal versio not plus with extra plugins, and osrs mobile which isnt really a third party. As far as I know using runelite isn't against rules. Obviously annoying to get banned but at the same time it's scary how my account now has strike and one more thing like this would lead to perma ban. Worst thing is as said how it's claimed after investigation how I was using botting software with evidence beyond doubt almost making me second guess myself even tho I know for sure that can't be the case. One thing I have been using recently tho has been mousekeys meaning once on a while I've been clicking with numpad 5 mainly just for my own amusement/fun rather than actually getting ant sort of advantage from it. Are mousekeys not allowed? Certainly not a botting software as claimed and I personally tought they are not illegal since even some streamers openly use them for pking etc. Anyways thank you for your quick reply I really appreciate it.

25-Jul-2019 09:00:06

Skod River
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Skod River

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Runelite do NOT have a approved stamp by Jagex either , but they have said over and over again , that using any 3rd party client are done in your own RISK.

You could also be unlucky that your OSRS mobile app are one of the doggy once.

Mouse keys are allowed , but if you set one key stroke to do multible things in just one click , then is that not allowed though to my understanding.
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25-Jul-2019 09:35:14

mutu matu

mutu matu

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Done in your own risk? I'm pretty sure using runelite isn't bannable (other than one point in time long ago). Also got in touch with someone at jagex seemed like a nice guy even tho never responded again after asking if they could help any further and got told by him that my account didn't have any unauthorised log ins so the argument about how somehow my account could of been hacked because of runelite etc isn't valid in this case.

I'm legit just worried about this happening in future mostly since this 48h ban is about to expire anyways. The fact that I'm being told how it's investigated and my account has been followed for a while now and they have clear evidence of using and I quote: "Botting software" is bizare to me. Also I literally only use windows mousekeys so that my numpad 5 does the leftclick on my mouse and mostly I've used that for farmruns couple times switching gear at bank, so no customs or any multi tasking mouse keys.

And as far as I know there have been lots of similiar cases and it's really frustrating how my account gets locked for 2 days because there is no place to get instant contact in case it's a mistake on their end. Not forgetting how I lost days as a member which isn't that big of a deal just that apparently I won't be getting them back because I did what?

25-Jul-2019 21:16:54

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mutu matu said:
Done in your own risk? I'm pretty sure using runelite isn't bannable

You use it at your risk means that Jagex can not verify the content, nor can you.
It is open source third party software and can have certain bad stuff written into the program by anyone who has a malicious intent to do so.
Stay well clear.

26-Jul-2019 12:28:00

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