how is account status on main

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Hey i do not want to appeal my dead main, Jagex you probably know what main i am talking about?

Ok so no Appeal,. because i had answer from Jagex in 2017, that the ban is not in error.
Will my dead main ever resurrect?

Anyway, as a worst crime offender, i received 0 offenses since 2018.
I read the rules of conduct over and over.
Thanks for the great game you provide, and rules are rules, but still thanks for the trust to return into play, i am so glad i can play RuneScape, the game means a lot to me, because 15 years of my life, you provide so much joy with RuneScape.

So this is not an appeal, but a thank you ! for the way you seem to handle, player security.
That is certain a plus for Jagx!

Only downside is that the mail from Jagex is not possible anymore, because i do not own twitter or reddit, so the only way to contact you is true this Forum Post.

So the conclusion is that the ban is still not in error, and will never ever be lifted?

[edit] Question above can be safely ignored, because technically it is an appeal.
Thread can be closed, nothing constructive here, please move on..

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Hey Metal Blade.

Well if you appealed it and it got denied , then are that account gone for good (since the appeal thingy are just 1 appeal and no more then that) :)

I am sorry about that bad news i came with and sorry for your lose.
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