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Good afternoon. I was wondering if I linked my RuneScape account connected to my email and my Gmail RuneScape account, which would I lose? A while back, I had made an account with my email (this one), but I forgot the account and decided to make a new one. I connected via gmail, which has the exact email account, but I was able to create a different account. However, I wanted to connect the gmail account via email, so I don't have to open the browser and login that way, but I have this account made with the email account, so I'm afraid I'd lose all the progress I've made with my gmail account if I connect to this one. So, my question is:

If I connect this email runescape account with my gmail runescape account, which would have its progress deleted? If it's my gmail one, is there a way for me to delete this one?

14-Aug-2019 22:54:25

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