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I'm not getting any of the emails to reset my authenticator, password, or email account.
However, the email address that Jages shows as linked to my account appears to be accurate.

I've been trying to get Jagex to reset my authenticator. I haven't played in about 2 years and I have a new phone so the authenticator isn't set up for this account.

If this is something I need to aim at Jagex tech support, please let me know how to get in contact with them. Thank you!

14-Aug-2019 22:11:31

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Hi there

Jagex sends out their automated emails from a number of different email addresses.
The 'disable Authenticator' automated email can be problematic.
The email is getting sent but your email provider is treating it as spam and blocking it.

The work around is to put through a change of registered email to another email (another email provider) and try sending the disable Authenticator email again.
I recommend Gmail.
You can change the registered email back again afterwards if you want.
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14-Aug-2019 23:39:43

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