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Hope Bones1

Hope Bones1

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Dear whom it may concern,

I recently got a new phone and thus without having access to my google authenticator tried to disable it, but found out that the email that they usually send to my email that can disable or reset it, the prompt never arrived. I then reset my email with this same email thinking I might've put it in wrong, then when that didn't work I tried to recover my account to see if an actual person could help me? So far its been over 72 hours without a response but then again I'm still hopeful.

My account is Hope Bones5 I've played on and off on it for forever with this same email the entire time I believe its odd it stopped working now.

Anyway if anyone on your support team could contact me I would appreciate it, its incredibly hard to get in contact via email or phone with no listed customer support number or email without going to the FAQ questions page which just redirects rather than provide an inbox/email/or phone number.

P.S. this is my really old alt.



John Hayes

05-Aug-2019 23:52:23

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Hi there

Try each of these steps to get the issue resolved.
1. work through the Not receiving emails support page and then try sending the disable Authenticator email again.

If step 1 doesn't help, try the next step:
2. change the registered email to another email (another email provider), then try sending the disable Authenticator email to your new registered email.
Changing your registered email
If you are not using gmail, I recommend you try it.

Finally, if steps 1 & 2 haven't worked, move on to step 3:
3. Do a full recovery on your account as a successful recovery will auto-disable Authenticator for you.
Instructions and link button are also on the 'Changing your registered email' support page.

p.s. you should have received a reply to the account recovery within 24 hours. If 3 days have elapsed without a reply, it means your email provider is not allowing Jagex emails through and you need to use a different email provider.
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