to those who hacked my account

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skarrak 1969
Apr Member 2019

skarrak 1969

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to those who think it is ok to hack someones account cause it only in game money let me tell you it isnt. i am a 50y disabled lady who has little to bring fun into her life but playing pc games.
i've been a gamer since the internet was born i cant afford a decent laptop i have a crappy asus that i have to make do with as pennies dont go far in this house, but i dont care so much as i get to play games on it to stop me going stir crazy.
I found this game only recently n being a skyrim fan this was right up my ally.
after i think 5-6months of dam hard work every day playing at my pace i had gotten mid 70's in level with well over 140 mill in gp, dragon stones n herbs etc without any help from anyone bar odd bits of advice here n there n saving for next lvl gear after lunar.

So to log in n find out that my bank n ge been cleared out by a cheap low life scum bag of a person who thinks that OK was pretty frigging heartbreaking to be frank.

When i first started on internet gaming , it was about the game n community, thieving thing was to take a while to take off but like with most things it wasn't to long before the gaming community's became infested by it. it destroys games and their communities as folks give up worried their data at risk and their efforts wasted.
So 1: if you out there know who do this, then turn them in get them kicked out the community. It killing the fun factor n personally made me frighted for what else they hacked into and at fifty disabled n broke i don't need that type of worry in my life.

n 2: Jagex this points to you. if i cant trust this game to be safe how can i trust you with my bank details? i dont have google or chrome spyware i have firefox n old galaxy fone none of the verification code thingies any good for me n frankly after what 15 y n you not having this nailed down but having two huge updates since i been here makes me ask whats the priority here?
skarrak out.
ps no freebies tnx thats not what this about
You reap what you sow...

09-Jul-2019 13:07:07

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Sorry this has happened to you. It's not a nice feeling knowing someone was on your account and robbed it.

I've opted to move this thread to Account Help to get you some help and advice on how to make your System safe and secure so you can carry on playing RuneScape.

The Community Helpers will also help you make your account a little more secure.

The old saying goes:- What goes around comes around. The hacker/s will get their just desert in the end.

Good luck rebuilding.
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Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi skarrak 1969.

Sorry to hear that your account got hijacked.

If the password wasn't changed, then the hijacker will have got the login details either by phishing the details from you on a fake Runescape website, or via a key logger or RAT (remote access trojan) on your PC.

If the password was changed, then the hijacker had access to your email account.

Please secure your PC, email and Runescape accounts using the advice here:
Security Help
Keeping your email secure

Did you have Authenticator set up on your account? If so, was it disabled by the hijacker?
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09-Jul-2019 13:22:43

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Hi there
skarrak 1969

Authenticator can be set up on a desktop, laptop or USB stick. It does not have to be set up on a mobile phone.
The thing about having Authenticator is, it gives a reliable clue as to what might have happened that allowed your login information to be found out.
Without Authenticator you and us are just guessing about how the hijacker got your information.

Please work through the instructions on this page: Securing your account

And please check out the links to articles on this page: Phishing websites and suspicious emails
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09-Jul-2019 13:25:50

Mod Stevew

Mod Stevew

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Hi skarrak 1969,

I'm sorry to hear you've had this awful experience, I really would urge you to set up Auth on your account, you don't need a smart phone to do it (although it is a little easier with a smart phone).

I've passed details of the YouTube video you visited on to our investigations team. I'm guessing there was a link in the video or description that linked you to a fake site to sign into. It might have looked like an official site, but it wasn't, when you signed into that you were basically handing over your log in details to the hacker.

I can see you have since set a new password, good luck for the future.

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Sad news indeed.
However this may give you the urge to boost your security not only for RS but for the internet in general. My guess would be if you don't have full RS security measures in place and are not aware of some of the common hijacking techniques then it may be the case your internet activity may suffer a similar experience - I hope not but you really must be as tight as possible on all round security these days - phone calls included.

The hijackers and thieves will have no conscience whatsoever so pleading to their better nature will have zero effect - they have no better nature and they don't care what your personal circumstances are.

I find authenticator very easy to use on a small usb drive - one that is used just for that purpose. It only comes out once per month when I am required to use it by the authenticator login request - very easy.

Good luck and be vigilant.

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skarrak 1969
Apr Member 2019

skarrak 1969

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Thank you folks for kind words. i got a pin sorted, my antivirus and took as much advice as i can do. i will have to study upon authenticaters but your guidance much appreciated.

grace n peace
You reap what you sow...

10-Jul-2019 22:55:40

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