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Baby B l u e
Jul Member 2019

Baby B l u e

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My boyfriends account was banned for what I can only assume was using RuneLite, but was labelled Macroing Major. I was under the impression that Jagex's stance on 3rd party clients was "We are not banning for their use, but use at your own security risk."
He has 2 factor authenticator, and I have personally witnessed all of his efforts being purely his work, he was not using any malicious 3rd party software that negates the value of gameplay and was not designed to infringe on the integrity of the gameplay. To be honest he doesn't even know how to bot or program or code or whatever. Maybe the game saw he was grinding a lot? He was grinding Sand Crabs like 6+ hours a day for most days. But so was I and I did not get banned.
My question is, is there truly any real chance for his account to be unbanned, he's upset, he didn't cheat.
Why did he get banned?
Any advice?
What can be done?

17-Aug-2019 17:26:44

Skod River
Nov Member 2009

Skod River

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Well Runelite are a 3rd party client , so yes that could be a problem and Jagex stance about using those are really in your own risk , and not only security vice.

But i can only suggest you to look into this article :

Keep in mind it is a open source , so any one their has a bit knowledge could have put something bad in it.
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17-Aug-2019 20:41:56

Baby B l u e
Jul Member 2019

Baby B l u e

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Well he's already made a ban appeal, but it was the standard RuneLite Client, and I am under the impression that the original source RuneLite has been meeting Jagex demands on their concerns with the platform, and even if there was "something bad" on the client as a plugin, I can guarantee he was not utilizing it-- which again I reviewed taboo plug-in's and he's only level 80, all he was doing was grinding at rock crabs, so I know there was no malicious software.
My thoughts are that I transferred him multiple free-trades equaling a total of approx. 20m coins, I think his grinding, use of third-party, and me giving him training money was what prompted the "trigger." but none of that truly violates Runescape's guidelines.
What I really want an answer to is, is there hope that his account will be unbanned if he is truly innocent.

18-Aug-2019 00:14:40

J Seinfeld
Jun Member 2018

J Seinfeld

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Ever notice how the vast majority, if not all, of the OSRS players who get hacked are users of this RuneLite and OSBuddy thing?

People need to wake up and smell the roses here. These "clients" are hacking you, people.

18-Aug-2019 00:23:54 - Last edited on 18-Aug-2019 00:24:08 by J Seinfeld

Baby B l u e
Jul Member 2019

Baby B l u e

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The account was not hacked, there was never a erroneous log-in, he was logged into the account actively using it doing a partnered slayer task with me. He has dual factor authentication. His e-mail was never compromised (G-mail is very prudent about that sort of thing). There was no hack into the account, no cheating, no macroing. It was a mistake based on what I assume would be 3 factors.
He was grinding really hard, 8+ hours a day, so he could catch up to me, I free traded him money so he could buy the best gear to train with, and he was using, yes, RuneLite, but none of that should independently trigger a ban, I think that it was mistakenly triggered based on combined evidence that would say "this could be a fake account", however in this scenario, it was not.
His account is well rounded, actively did quests with a partner (me), and if you looked at data points would be very obviously hand trained, because he DID hand train it. We live together, I know he did.

18-Aug-2019 01:57:49

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How long is it since the ban was placed?
If it is still within the first 48 hours, the second check has not yet been done and the appeal is premature.

Account offences get three checks, each time by different JMods.
The first check is prior to the ban being placed, the second check is within the next 48 hours to check that an error has not been made and the offence is correct, the third check is when the player appeals.

Accounts do get their bans removed at the second check if the JMod decides no offence has been committed. No appeal is necessary for this check.

If the second check confirms that an offence has been committed on the account, the player then appeals to get a third check.
There is only ONE reason why the ban will be removed at the third check/appeal - if the account was found to have been hijacked at the time of the offence.
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18-Aug-2019 04:05:50

Baby B l u e
Jul Member 2019

Baby B l u e

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The ban was placed on the account yesterday around 9am, he was logged out of his account while we were doing slayer together, and it said his account was disabled, which absolutely baffled the both of us, I have never seen Jagex so blatantly ban someone for literally no wrong doing. We immediately submitted an appeal using the “appeal a ban page.” But there was no appeal option under the account status page.
If the moderators do “confirm” he was macroing then I have absolutely no faith in their system because he literally has no idea how to bot. He’s played the game for 2 weeks. If they look at anything other than the amount of time he played and the amount of free money I gave him, it would be completely evident he was hand training the account.
I don’t understand why the only exception to their ban would be a hijacking. Because that simply doesn’t apply here and he’s not a liar, he’s not going to lie and say the account was hijacked. He was also not cheating or using scripts, bots, autoclickers, typers or anything remotely of the sort. A macroing ban is a gross mislabeling and unfair. It’s a waste of our time and money as well. There’s no customer support. Why are we not given the opportunity to contact a real customer support and get real help other than this generic, ‘customer service tree.’ I can’t find a single outlet to get a person to understand that this was a mistake on Jagex’s part.

18-Aug-2019 17:45:33

Nov Gold Premier Club Member 2018


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It's safe to say that it still haven't been 48 hours so that's why you haven't been able to appeal yet. As it has been mentioned, the second check hasn't been conducted so I'd patiently wait for that outcome. Just so you know, if your friend is found guilty, no evidence will be provided for macroing as doing so would divulge how their detection system works.

If they are not guilty, it will be fine; however, if they are, the ban will stand. Your friend would perfectly know if they used a bot or not. Also, if it were hijacked, then that's the only way the ban would remove as it has been pointed out.

19-Aug-2019 03:57:10 - Last edited on 19-Aug-2019 03:57:55 by Wynd

Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2008


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I do believe no matter what is ever said that mistakes can and do happen.

Will his account be unbanned? I dont know. I have heard it stated that
they only unban if they can clearly see a hijack. But I have also heard
that there is an option of "you got it wrong" when you try to appeal.

I am confused myself about that. if they just got it wrong, and are only
looking for a Hijack, will they look to see what they might have gotten wrong?
Anyway I think that is for a different time and topic.

All you guys can do is wait and see how things go.

Best of luck,
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19-Aug-2019 03:59:30

Apr Member 2009


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Baby B l u e said:
Well he's already made a ban appeal, but it was the standard RuneLite Client

There is no way you can know that without analysing the written program and knowing what you are looking at.
It is open source 3rd party software. Anyone can write their own particular bit of nastiness and include it within program then re-distribute the software to people who are unaware of the dangers and think it is the standard RuneLite.

19-Aug-2019 09:36:27 - Last edited on 19-Aug-2019 09:36:50 by ToP BaSS

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