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jeg taps
Jul Member 2019

jeg taps

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Hey,today as i woke up i went online on 07 and noticed that my bank has been "robbed".
Yesterday my bank value was about 32m and today its 500k.
I have never ever went on any links,its just mind blowing how did someone managed to get into my account + i changed password very recently.
Can anyone anyhow help me?

26-Jul-2019 08:04:39

Apr Member 2009


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Did you have Authenticator?
Did you have a Bank Pin?
Do you use a third party RS Client?
Do you have Anti- Virus?
Have you scanned with Anti-Virus?
Have you scanned with a Malware detector?
Did you make the original account?
Have you allowed anyone else access to the account?
Do you share a computer?
Do you use public access Internet?
Is you Password written down and accessible to others?

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^ You miss alot of the securities! Not good! Actually if you download and install programs then it can include virus and trojan and the hacker behind it will get info from your computer!
So he indeed knows your password too!
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26-Jul-2019 08:47:58

Skod River
Nov Member 2009

Skod River

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Well since you used Auth , was that still active or was it removed when you saw some one has been on your account stealing all your stuff ?

This is what Jagex do recommend us to protect our self.

1. 2fa on your email(s)
2. Auth for your RS account(s)
3. Bank pin for your in-game wealth

This is what i would suggest you to do :


And if you also played on your phone.




And then would i suggest you to look into this article as well :

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26-Jul-2019 10:36:21

DIY Like Me

DIY Like Me

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GUYS PLEASE HELP ME. this is my Ironman. I was on a 3 month deployment to Afghanistan and just logged in after being gone a while. Everything “valuable” (3 fire tomes, fire pages, mystic dark robe top, all rune items, treasure trail items, herbs, pots, food, are gone. They did not take the seeds from my seed vault. They also did not get rid of my torso, d def, it full grace... so that’s a plus. I had probably around 250k ish or something (I can’t remember) and a ton of b staffs to make and they also took my buckets of sand. I have been playing a long time. I had a bank pin so I am not sure how this happened. I just made an authenticator, but I was wondering if you could look into this and see WHO did it and ban them and maybe refund me my items. This is a huge setback and makes me want to quit the game. It’s only like 1m maybe in items and 8m ish in herbs and pots and my fire tomes. I have sent two emails to jagex as well. PLEASE help me. I have used runelite and mobile. Also let me know if those are bad to use, as I have been out of country a while. Please help. Okay I have been playing runescape for about 10 years... I was on a 3 month deployment to Afghanistan and logged into my Ironman and all of my items are gone. My fish, logs, 3 fire times, all runs items, mystic dark rope top, and a few other treasure trail items I was proud of are gone. Please help.

27-Jul-2019 11:12:43

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