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Paying Customer trying to remove and reset Authenticator try disabling first time click link in email immediately after sending tells me link expired so i try it again same thing try it a 3rd time and now im lock out due to how many times requested how am i supposed to disable it if u keep sending me already expired links. oh and support is absolutely useless so sad you guys have all of this and cant even give us a way to chat with support.

30-Jun-2019 11:43:42

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Hi Brodolf6

Try using a different ISP to click the link in the email.
Usually, the easiest way to do this is to temporarily turn off WiFi on your phone, so it is using mobile data, then bring up the email on your phone, and tap the link to disable Authenticator.

The block on requesting a new link is temporary, so just wait an hour or so before trying again.

Only the most recently requested link is valid. Requesting a new email invalidates all previous links.
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30-Jun-2019 16:49:40

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I recently received an in-game message informing me that my account had been locked due to third party activity and after recovering my account, I found all valuable items gone and my money pouch emptied. I took every mode of security for my account, email verification, Authenticator and bank pin... yet somehow someone hacked my account or something else has happened, but my confusion and lack of understanding comes from the lack of details that were given to me from that very uninformative in-game message. I have put hundreds of hours and much money into this account and have lost loads of progress for a reason I donít understand. I donít know how to prevent it from happening again since I already had everything in-place to prevent something such as this. I would like more information because I canít happily play this game and re-build when this could happen again. How can I receive more information so as to prevent this from happening in the future? Thank you

14-Aug-2019 18:01:26

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