Old 2002 era account broken

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So I've tried to login to my original account (this one) that's been through all iterations of Runescape. It was locked and I had it unlocked but my username is now this weird jumble of characters. I've also logged in and game and I was presented with a 'create new character' screen.

I'm using the same email i've used since the change from usernames to emails to login. The last login from me was a couple of years ago. Even the recovery email mentioned my old username/character name, but I seem to have this RNG username instead.

The support section has no direct email so I have no idea what to do next. I can provide rough history if I can get in touch directly with someone. I was going to finally get my 15 year cape :P

Why would the recovery email mention my old original username yet be busted up?

Thanks all.

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Also just a note.. the OSRS game is a new game from 2013
The continuation of the game will be on RS3.

I know you did not ask about these things but I did not want you to log in on
OSRS and think it was the old account you used to have. It will be on RS3.
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