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I made this account way back in 2007. The account is literally 12 years old. After all that time its finally perm banned. I played legit on oldschool but eventually got bored and also had less time to play due to my new job. I botted fletching up to like 86. I know it's all my fault but what I am wondering is, why do some people only get 2 day bans for botting? How is this decided? I had my account for 12 years and my first mistake I get perm banned. I've been paying for membership for many years.

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Hi there

The two day temp ban is applied when a macro is detected but Jagex can see the player isn't using it. The player might be unaware a macro is installed. The temp ban is a warning signal to the player to identify and uninstall it.

If a player is actually using a macro to assist their game, the account is typically perm banned.
There is also an expectation that a veteran player would be knowledgeable enough about the rules to know not to run a macro.

With a twelve year old account, you have been active in the game through the dark days of mass botting and Jagex' introduction of increasingly intuitive macro detecting software.

With macroing, it isn't the effect of just one player on the game, it is the cumulative effect of all the players using bots to train their account or play the game.
The cumulative effect is massive and this is why Jagex persist in hitting back hard on this particular rule.
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