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Hello, my account by the name TF Divinity was permanently banned on August 8h for Macroing. I understand this is an unappealable offence, however I believe this to be a major mistake, mainly because I wasn't online on the supposed day of the offence. If the account had been hijacked, which it could have been possibly. I don't believe they would use my account for it. especially after I had recently purchased 3 bonds and sold 2 of them for money, they would have just taken my 9m go. Before this I was doing the low level ways to make quick money, wilderness looting and buying and selling feathers. I can understand how seeing my account do this would look suspicious. I did in fact do everything myself, I did not use a "bot", the only 3rd party thing I use is OSbuddy, which according to the twitter support is perfectly fine to use as extra evidence to be able to use my account again, the email is not just some fake email, it is my actual first and last name and the account name is a legitimate name not a standard bot name. Now I will completely understand if you decide to decline my appeal, as you have the final say no matter what. And I'll still consider using a new account to play, but I would just like to use the account I already spent time and money on, that was banned when I wasn't even online and never used a macroing software.

Thank you either way for taking the time to read this. :)

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Well I would still be careful about using 3rd party clients , which i believe OSBuddy are ;)

Jagex stance about using those are in your OWN risk.

Bans will never kick in at that time the account got flagged and the offence applied to it , it could have been something you did a few days/weeks prior the ban kicked in.

As Top Bass said can't you appeal it here , so i would press on that "Orange" Try here in his reply.

Good luck.
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