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I completed a good deal of quests when I actively played OSRS years ago. My OSRS account's skills actively reflect the time that I spent playing, but for some reason I have 0 completed quests.

Was a quest reset ever done for some reason? For example, I know I completed Romeo and Juliet. Very strange.

27-Jul-2019 06:50:20

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I Have the same problem. My character had ancient curses and now i find lots quests I completed are missing. My combat level is 133. I Don't understand what happened??? Please any MOD some help here. Thanx

03-Aug-2019 13:18:17

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There are a number of RS3 quests that have been re-written and re-released.
Until you do the updated quest, your quest log will show the quest as incomplete.

Doing the updated quest won't get you any more quest points if you already did the earlier version of the quest but you will get the rewards.
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03-Aug-2019 13:36:29

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Are you sure the quests and stuff are not on RS3?

OSRS came out in 2013 so its a new game and nothing transferred to the
new game which is called OSRS.

RS3 is the original version of Runescape that has been updated weekly
since its beginning.
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03-Aug-2019 18:15:51

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