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prove it
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prove it

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ok so i just started a new ironman acccount and wanted the 10k from stronghold security ok now since i didnt want to spend 5 hours making a new email i just did a phony one and linked to my real email but the problem is now trying to enable authenticater its saying i need a validated email adress and its not validating even know i clicked the link in the email they just sent me..................... i just wasted like 2 hours trying to get 10,000 gp for free...........,...... get stuffed hay no wonder people are cheating on this game its got rediciouls i wasd going to disable authenticater straight away after getting my 10k and boots but its all turned out to be a big head F*&k Congratulations jagex you have annoyed me to the point that im allmost homicidal over 10k 10 F89King k.. yous have no idea the stress you have created no customer supportr at all..............

15-Aug-2019 06:35:21

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Hi there
Fe 2020

You need to validate the registered email (contact email) of a new Runescape account.
Is this what you are stuck doing?

If you are being emailed a link to click and it isn't working, you must be getting an error message?
Are you getting a 'link expired' error message? or something different?

Try clearing your cache.

It is quite ok to have a phony email as the login as long as you have a valid email as the contact email (registered email).

Customer support is here: RuneScape Support
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15-Aug-2019 07:09:39

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