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Hey guys,

Just looking for an insight more than a resolution.

I created a new account 2 days ago and purchased one old school Runescape bond for my account. Last night, that account was hacked and my money taken.

Now, I didn't have an authenticator set up nor a pin set (takes 7 days) because I'd only just set up the account and I've never been hacked in 15 years of playing Runescape.

Between creating the account and being hacked, I only entered the username once and then saved it. No key logger could have found that account name out through my entering it, though obviously you do have to enter a password each time on desktop.

I haven't been on any websites with suspicious malware on, nor downloaded anything, or anything similar. In addition, why would a new account be targeted as it would usually have very little on it?

I know I won't get the money back - I've set up an authenticator now and changed my password, that's fine. However, I am looking for someone who might have an explanation about how this hack was achieved? I want to know what to avoid in the future since I've avoided ANYTHING that I know of that could allow someone to hack the account.

I have never been hacked on anything ever in 20 years. It's so strange that I make a new Runescape account and spend money on buying gold from Jagex (BONDS) and get hacked within 24 hours. So, has there been a leak of information at Jagex? Either regarding who has purchased bonds or their account information, or similar?

My account name is known to only me and has only been entered into the OSRS client ONCE and then saved when I first logged in. How could someone, even getting my password through malware somehow, log in without those details? I want to know what to look out for for the future.

Many thanks,

19-May-2019 08:03:40



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Thanks for the helpful responses. I only use the original OSRS client from Jagex directly. I haven't watched and youtube videos, facebook videos nor clicked any links on any websites.

The only thing I can think of is I went on because that used to be a good website for quest guides, but instantly realised before clicking on anything or following any links to guides, that this wasn't the same clean website that it used to be and clicked off immediately. I guess it must have been that, though I have never come across malware that can just download straight onto your PC by visiting the front page of a website from a Google search. I have also scanned my PC fully and found nothing.

Any other possible ideas? It's got me stumped and want to know if there's other things to avoid in the future, both for RS and for my other cyber security (I've now added the auth to RS to that's secure)

20-May-2019 11:57:01

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