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I have been repeatedly trying to unlock my other account and am instantly getting denied each time. I have been able to log on within the last year no problem so I am having a hard time understanding what information I have wrong or is missing. As I have an old account (made in 2006) I do not have an email linked to it.

Having played this game for so long I am super frustrated and disappointed that it is so difficult to resolve this. Is there any way I can directly contact customer service to get this sorted out??

I really don't want to lose my account and all the stuff I've collected over time.

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Sorry, there is no way to skip the automated checks. If your request passes the automated checks then a person checks the rest of the info but even then there is no person you can personally contact.

The rejection message sent to you after a failed unlock request will say what was wrong with the info or what was lacking. What did your last rejection message say was the problem?

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Hey Ch1ck3ns0up.

A deny as you get it , are really not a good sign at all , because you are rejected by a Computer.

I would suggest you to look into this article :

That will give you some pretty good ideas of what kind of information you need to provide.

A little tip , focus in creation details will get you past the auto check.

Another tip : Always look into the deny reply to see their reason of deny and what hints it gives you about what information they want you to improve.

Pingu is correct about there are nobody you can talk with about sorting your issue out , beside what you already are trying.
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