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Cart Machine
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Cart Machine

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Hey community. I did post this a week and a half or so ago about my side and a family members accounts getting a 48 out mini "macro ban".. this is my side Im using to post for no reason, just playing on this one as i speak. I keep getting the "read the rules" etc replies, but neither or us did any type of macro... we only use the official java and nxt clients however that same day/day before we did some trading back and forth and farm runs together. We are still confused and at a loss because unfortunately many do bot and a few do get a false ban which is sad. We love and live by this game. I'm curious to know tho, does anybody know of, or have had this happen and what did you do on the game? As I stated, we both have a touch screen laptop and normal (it can do both), but don't use that feature much.. just curious. I know it was only a temp but as two players who love and care and have never broken rules, let alone macroing it does upset us over this. We did receive an email as we tried to appeal but they said it was concrete, I'm just not sure how to resolve and we are very loyal. Again, sorry gravedigging a past incident but it is on our minds. :) I'm not sure if jmods can look into accounts really closely to re check with better more efficient means? I appreciate all the reply's many of you gave when it sadly happened. Thanks. :) I hope this doesnt violate forum rules btw. Thanks guys! Oh, and I DO would like all of you and jagex to be strongly aware of the many MANY botters with the new mining rework, we noticed several accounts with nearly all the same stats with like 116+ mining running days in a row.. anyhow thanks for any replies again and have fun scaping all

18-Oct-2019 03:25:22

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Hi there
Cart Machine

Unfortunately it is impossible for the people you are asking by posting here in the community forum, what the cause of your temporary ban was. All we can say to you is to be wary of the rules (as you already seem to understand), and play within the spirit of the game.

More available information can be found here: Account Ban [Info].

I wish you the best.

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Hey, Cart Machine.

The closest we have gotten from Jagex is this news post: A Message About Unofficial Clients. If you take a look, they provide us with a list of add-ons or actions that are considered macroing/use of bots and will definitely get you banned if used. Unfortunately, they will not divulge too much information as doing so can put their detection system in jeopardy.

18-Oct-2019 14:25:16



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Dear Cart Machine!

I posted to another thread, so I won't write a lot here, but just to let you know, it happened to me too. My older son got temp banned, my younger perm banned (along with some of my other accounts). Having a stone in the stomach when logging in with other account and totally puzzled about what happened... I totally understand you... :-\

19-Oct-2019 01:04:19

Cart Machine
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Cart Machine

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Hey ironmaques im so glad to hear its not just an isolated case... I'm getting a little angered by all these people saying read the rules. dont use unofficial clients and more.. I CLEARLY stated the client used before both temp bans is the java client ON THIS RUNESCAPE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.. my daughter or i have NEVER, EVER broken rules or used any other clients as its cheating and you can easily get hacked. It so frustrating honestly. I wonder how the ones who are constantly posting to read the rules, you must have done something wrong, etc would feel if this happened to them.

19-Oct-2019 08:09:23

Skod River
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Skod River

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@Cart Machine

Well it is always easy to tell players that they need to read the rules about stuff , but in some cases , is that not the best reply ;)

I have seen a few cases where people said they got a temp/perm ban after using their touch screen features , but do also know a lot of players there are using their touch screen with out any hassle.

So none of us can tell what really caused it and since Jagex do not share anything like that with US the community can we only guess of what could be the problem.
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19-Oct-2019 10:28:38

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