Merging old RS3 and OSRS Acc

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So i have an RS3 account that i made way back in the day (about 9 years ago) and i had made an osrs acc not knowing i could merge them and only pay for one membership. Is there any way i can merge them now? They both have different emails as i did not know they had to have the same email.

any info would be appreciated thanks!

11-Jun-2019 16:55:05

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Lieke.

What you are asking , is not something their can be done :)

Same Login + Password , gives you access to both games , and the even share the same membership fee.

If you want to play RS3 and OSRS at the same time , do you need to have 2 accounts for that any way. :)
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11-Jun-2019 17:23:54

Mr Rey Ray
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You can't transfer stats from one game to the other. Everyone playing old school started on tutorial Isle, just like you will need to do.

This old game was released in early 2013, so while you did play RuneScape back in the day.
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11-Jun-2019 18:28:30

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