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I created an OSRS Ironman account on my phone. When i got home, i tried to play it using my computer. I immediately got kicked out. Said it was potentially hacked. They locked the account.

This is when i realize, when i made the account i input my email incorrectly, so i have no way to appeal, because i would never get the email.

I request to change the account to another email.

I get an email at the correct email "the one i requested it to be changed to" stating that my "request to change password" has been accepted. I never requested that, but okay.

Only problem is the link it sends me to asks for my email and an appeal tracking ID, which i did not receive. Nor does it recognize the new email address (the very same one they emailed and i clicked the link from) as an account.

Please help me.

30-Jun-2019 14:03:11

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Hi there

Did you use the wrong email as the login?
If so, you are stuck with that email login now - logins are permanent and cannot be changed.

Your only options are:
* continue using the typo'd email login
* create a new account with the email login you originally intended to use

"I request to change the account to another email."
This only changes the registered email (linked email), not the login email.

"Nor does it recognize the new email address"
You have to identify the account with its correct login - the typo'd one.
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30-Jun-2019 14:20:31



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My account was hijacked and my account was banned. I was able to recover it and was able to login to the home screen. It was a osrs account with I created a year ago under my email. I went to login and my account was reset to recovery island? When I login with my gmail it sends me to the Island. When I try to use my user name and password it says invalid login. My original character was level 50 I believe. Any suggestions?

02-Jul-2019 09:13:03

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