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ye ole nix

Both your posts taking this thread off course and turning it into a rant have been hidden. There are appropriate avenues for appealing bans. If you have used those avenues, and the action was deemed correct, there is nothing that can be done about the status of your accounts. I understand you both did not receive the outcome you wanted, but its the reality, I'm afraid.

Causing disruption on the forums will not help the cause. It will only cause you both to get in trouble.

Let's not continue disrupting threads and hijacking them.

• Kathy •

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06-Aug-2019 05:32:14

Mod Stevew

Mod Stevew

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Hi DukeBaroni,

Your ban appeal was processed and an outcome sent to you on 8 July 2019.

I've closed this thread as your ban appeal has been used and there is no further options available.

06-Aug-2019 10:01:41

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