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Hello there,

I have played runescape for a long time now (probably started around 2005/2006) and I registered as a small kid on my neighbours PC. I used our (then) family email to register it, but the email service no longer exists so there is no way I can enter that e-mail.

I have never had troubles though, because I remember my login name and password, so I could always play. I even set-up an authenticator to make sure it remained secure. However, sadly there is some error with the authenticator (found this on a different forum of tech support) which doesn't allow me to log in due to 'invalid credentials'. The solution was to remove and restore the authenticator... which i cannot due to inaccessibility of my old e-mail.

So far my recovery requests have been denied and I would think it to be a major shame if I lose all the progress that I've made over all the years.

Any advise on how to improve my recovery information?

27-Jun-2019 19:59:32

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey TheGrumpy

How fast do the rejection reply gets back to you about your recovery attempt ?

Less then 5 min or longer then 30 min ?

Then would i also suggest you to look into this page :
Clan : Order Of Adventurers

FriendsChat : Ooa team

27-Jun-2019 20:10:53

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Hi TheGrumpy,

Awesome news to hear that you have managed to recover the account. Now the account is back in your possession it is strongly recommended to setup some security for your RuneScape account. I have linked some useful articles below so you will never have to struggle with recovery again!.

Useful articles about your RuneScape account

- Account Safety Tips
- The difference between the Login and Registered e-mail
- The RuneScape Authenticator

Best of luck with your future journeys throughout Gielinor!
May the gods of Gielinor bless your adventures.

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