Help me i just got hacked

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Hello everyone my name is darsi001.Today i got hacked.I was playing as usual and then i decided to log off.3 hours passed and i opened rs3 back again to see that i had 0 gp and some of my most valuable stuff was gone.I lost around 7 mil.It might not seem a lot but for me that's a lot of money to have.I haven't told anyone my account info or installed any 3rd party apps.Please can someone help me.

01-Aug-2019 21:50:40

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It's unfortunate this happened to both of you. There are multiple ways to be hacked without downloading, installing, or using third-party software. If what you've said is true, then perhaps you were phished: Phishing websites and suspicious emails

See this article for information about security: Securing your computer and account
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02-Aug-2019 15:59:33

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Getting knocked off the internet is a sign that someone has gained access to your

make sure you have not clicked a link on social media.. such as on youtube,
twitch or other social media. These links can send your information to a 3rd
party just by clicking them.

Also emails that are fake.

Main thing now is to make sure your computer is secure and your email
and acccount is secure. Then change all passwords and put 2factor and
authenticator on your accounts.

Jagex doesnt return items, you will have to rebuild.

Good luck
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02-Aug-2019 22:16:45

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Dose jagex help with refunding real money if your account gets hacked if u payed for bonds and sold them to make money in runescape old school all of my gp and expensive armor and weapons are gone it happen a couple days ago. Plz. Help me I payed I think around $200 on the game

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Then I guess Iím never playing this game again. I canít believe how you take no action against the people that hack your game my friend got hack a while ago to
If I knew this would happen I wouldnít have spend money on the gam. Iím very disappointed in that this was one of my favourite game when I was a little kid

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You haven't given any information about what happened so it is hard to be able to tell you how the hijacker learned your account login/password.

It is all about maintaining your own security on your account.

There are four key parts to a secure account:
1. Keeping your email secure with a 2-step verification
2. Keeping your Runescape account secure with Authenticator security code at login
3. Bank PIN inside your account protecting your items and gp
Did you have these in place?

The fourth key part is YOU.
Staying safe while using the internet.
Being wary of free offers and giveaways as these type of things are what entice most Runescape players into problems.

Rev the Wiz has posted a couple of links in his reply above.
Please read his reply and click on those links to get some instructions about securing your account.
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03-Aug-2019 08:01:28



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Jagex sounds like one big scam. Just logged into my account after months of being offline to see the exact same thing as the original poster. First it said i was online in the past 100 days,, which i wasn't. Everything of value was sold on the Exchange and all my GP was gone. Had this account for over 15 years with no problems until this. Authenticator was active and obviously did not help. It was actually changed to something else and I had to disable it before I could sign in again.

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