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Jul Member 2019


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Long story short, posted a thread a couple of days back, lots of replies "oh you need to appeal the ban" "oh you did and were denied?" "end of the road for you bud, try again next time!" Why would anyone want to try again next time if their account was falsely banned? I was banned while using my mobile device for 2 weeks straight, I believe there is some kind of bug with mobile that can make the bot detection system pick you up! A warning to fellow runescapers! Please done use mobile unless you want all your hard work and progress to be banned and not an eyelash to be batted! In the forum thread I had several unhelpful conversations with people who didnt have any real power, and then a Jmod came in and said that my appeal was looked at and denied, better luck next time... Without even asking about the bug that has gotten my account banned???? Hell, even if my account is never unbanned at least hear out your community to help fix a game ending bug!!! Please help me get in contact with a USEFUL Jmod who can help me get the correct information to them so no accounts further get banned for stupid reasons! Please and thanks!

06-Aug-2019 22:53:23

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same man, i kept getting the same reply "they dont care, its over for you". there will be no next time because im not spending another 14 years on runescape, im not spending another several thousand hours on runescape. im not spending hundreds of dollars on runescape membership again.

06-Aug-2019 23:30:42

CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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Locked this thread as you've already received an answer from Mod Stevew.

Mod Stevew said:
Hi DukeBaroni,

Your ban appeal was processed and an outcome sent to you on 8 July 2019.

I've closed this thread as your ban appeal has been used and there is no further options available.
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06-Aug-2019 23:53:34

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