got banned today cant log

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ask please
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ask please

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good morning I cant log in either into my main account the RSN is SMD PLZ and I had the account since 2010. I've been staking last night and I transfer gp to my other accounts and you can check the accounts and they still have gp on it never knew it was an offense to put gp on pure accounts can someone help me please. I got banned for real world trading.

18-Oct-2019 15:03:11

Samora Kiba
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Samora Kiba

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ask please,

There is nothing that can be done regarding your ban I'm afraid. Trading amongst your own alts does not trigger a RWT ban, real world trading does. Before a ban is applied, the accounts involved are thoroughly investigated, so further reviewing will not change the outcome I'm afraid.

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18-Oct-2019 15:11:12

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Hey, ask please.

You should read this Support article regarding your ban: Account Bans (Click ME!).

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. According to the information from the article above, Real World Trading bans cannot be appealed and are final if the ban is permanent. It isn't against the rules to transfer money between your accounts; however, if you real world trade, you will be caught.

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but that account is done. Sorry.

18-Oct-2019 15:13:32

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