Cant even open my launcher!

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Sooo i bumped into this problem that whatever i do my rs wont even launch so no error coeds etc. Ive tried running it as administrator, reinstalling, clearing cache, resetting laptop and so on. Im clueless, pls help me i dont want to be xp wasting.
Im using Windows 10
Client is Rs3
currently using laptop

01-Mar-2019 14:35:18

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Same issue here, sometimes my client launches and i get a big error box with an x (no text explaining the issue) and sometimes it refuses to load at all... Was just about to get back into playing and renewing my membership and all.. :/ I've also tried everything, reinstalling, running as adminstrator, updating drivers etc.

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Try disabling your antivirus or security software and then try starting the game. Recently there were multiple posts from people having this issue- client wouldn't start and no error message. A couple of them figured out it was their antirvirus or security software causing the problem. Though, I haven't seen any one mention exactly what antivirus or security software they are using. The game has a long history of occasionally having issues with antivirus and security programs.

01-Mar-2019 22:04:44

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I am also experiencing this issue and have basically lost a month worth of membership. I will sometimes get the Error Code c0000409 but now it wont even open. I have tried removing and reinstalling even from different web browsers. Please help!

07-Mar-2019 10:55:19



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I have the same issue. I've had it in fact for a good month now. I can play with Java client, but it lags really much in everything I do.

Anyone have Jmod's answers or anything related to that?

11-Mar-2019 14:41:05

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