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Im asking for help with a problem im having when i login all the trees/bushes/shrubs are all white as if covered with snow

i tried all graphic settings ,deleted launcher downloaded it again ?
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05-Apr-2018 19:00:27 - Last edited on 05-Apr-2018 19:16:09 by Dirtydrow

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I am having exactly the same problem - it also started at around 5pm yesterday. Thought it may have sorted itself out by now but no. I have reloaded Windows Client and trees are still white and background is practically non-existent.

06-Apr-2018 09:21:22

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Just relaying info...

Apr 5
For people with white items after the engine update. Please reload your client, it should stop exhibiting this behaviour.

Apr 6
We're looking into issues whereby textures may not be loading in correctly for some players. Just want to let you know that we are aware and apologies for any inconvenience.

06-Apr-2018 18:49:35

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