death of chivalry is bugged

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ok so im pretty certain this quest is bugged im trying to do dawns boss fight everything seems fine until i get to the 2nd round of skeletons you know the 1 where you have to kill 5 of them they all do spawn accept the 5th and finally 1 and because it does not spawn it is physically impossible to complete the quest is anyone having the same problem if so how would i get round this i've tried relogging, reopening the client, running around the area, waiting a while, attacking dawn which is obviously impossible as it is and i've also tried letting her kill me and re-entering the boss fight, hopping worlds i've tried everything i can think of so has anyone got any idea how to get round it because it is fustrating that this skeleton is not spawning.

12-Mar-2019 10:11:50

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