runescape 6,200 error

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game won't load, 6,200 error, tried the tips that were givin to other users who had the problem but won't help.
it is something related to my mobile hot spot, tried to connect via my home wifi and it worked fine.
now my question is - how do I configure my mobile hot spot/computer (don't know how it works).
I have an iPhone btw.

----> tried logging in through the website and it works fine, so it can't be connection speed problems.

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I keep getting this same error, i only have access to my Mobile Hotspot via my Android Phone to connect to the internet. Sometimes I can catch a faint Wi-Fi Signal from my neighbors house at a certain location in my house. I usually try to connect to their Wi-Fi just to get past the loading screen then quickly switch my connection to my hotspot.. Thiere seems to be a large issue with hotspot tethering since all ombile hotspots I've tried connecting to have failed after testing out various phones with my friends.
I still have no solution to this, other than to continually rely on connecting temporarily to my neighbors wi-fi just to get past the Game startup.

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There was a support article that stated mobile Internet connections aren't supported. However recently they updated the articles and removed that part. Seems like mobile Internet connections still aren't supported however they do work for some people. You can have a look at the Common Connection Solutions article. If you don't find a solution there is a Contact Us button at the bottom for contacting a J-mod. Perhaps a J-mod can tell you if mobile Internet connections are supported or not.

18-Oct-2018 17:39:08

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