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I've been trying to troubleshoot this error all morning and I can't figure it out. It occurs when I launch OSRS Client from my desktop. It appears to try to load as normal and then almost immediately pops up with an error that reads:

Error downloading: browsercontrol_0_-1928975093.jar

So far I have:

-Ran program as administrator
-Uninstalled, clears cache (c:\jagex_cache_32, c:\users\%jagex related items (cache, etc)%), rebooted, reinstalled
-Updated all drivers, rebooted
-Updated/reinstalled Java
-Flushed DNS
-Tried editing Security features in Java
-I've tried a couple funky Google suggestions...such as adjusting my region and then grabbing a new installer and then reinstalling...I may be forgetting something. This has not worked however.

I've been able to play on this computer for a couple of weeks now and this is the first time I've ever experienced any issues with this error. I tried submitting a ticket with Jagex, but I couldn't find the option to do so (Just a couple of unhelpful articles).

Has anyone had this issue before? Can anyone help out? I may be forgetting some troubleshooting steps I've taken, but I'm just trying to play. OSBuddy won't download for me (I don't think the issue is related), and I really don't want to set up a VM to play OSRS, but that's my alternative option at the moment, so it seems lol

Thanks in advance:)

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to add...I'm running Windows 10 on a Dell Latitude 7480

EDIT2: Thought I'd provide a lil more relevant information-- I've tried a wired and wireless connection. Also I've followed these guides (FYI)

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I've got additional information on this topic:

It seems to be a Java error due the the .jar error I'd think. Everyone on my network on a Windows computer is NOT able to load. Everyone on a Mac IS able to load the client. However, when I go off-site to my home, or switch to my personal hotspot, I'm able to load the client. Very bizarre to me. So:

-Depending on OS of Network 1, we're able to load. Windows cannot load, Mac OS can load
-On Network 2, everything loads as intended

Does anyone have any suggestions here? I've checked and there shouldn't be anything blocked.


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Are the Windows computers using the same Internet security or antivirus software? In the past those programs have been known to occasionally block the download of certain RuneScape/OldSchool related Java files. In some cases just disabling the software or setting up exceptions didn't work. The software had to be uninstalled.

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Thanks for the reply,

Yeah I found that it was being blocked as malicious and our administrator released it. Crisis averted.

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