Unable to enter PoH

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Catntpa said:
I have the same problem, followed the other thread...didn't work, deleted all dungeon rooms, ( when I started building dungeon was when all problems started) this "might of helped", but all of the rooms at the top of house moved to the bottom edge when I started , with the dungeon and I would delete them and start over with those, but there is now no way to get to door hotspots because they face the edge and I cant get to the hotspots to delete every time I try to get into house I can only go in in the build mode otherwise I get booted out of game. I have deleted a lot of rooms in the process of all this at great expense, please someone HELP!!!

I would say try the connections help page, to see if the advice listed there could help rectify your problem.

If not, the best action would be to submit a bug report, detailing when and how the problem started.


02-Jun-2019 11:32:50

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