suddenly mis cosmetic armour

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zwart veld
Aug Member 2018

zwart veld

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today i saw i had to buy the Golem of Strength armourset in the wardrobe of customisations again. I bought this months ago, now i have to pay for it again… Plz help me out Zwart Veld

28-Jan-2019 12:43:46

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Hi there
zwart veld

It should only need to be bought once.
Do you buy items from Solomons on other accounts?
Are you sure you bought the armour on this account?
Have you checked your other accounts?

If you want to question Billing Support about the purchase, go to the Solomon's General Store support page, read it and use the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom to get to a message form.
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28-Jan-2019 21:15:33

zwart veld
Aug Member 2018

zwart veld

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Hi Malua,

Thank you very much for the reaction. In the meanwhile its solved, i have it back again. I have no other accounts, did not buy it there. I also left a message to Solomon's General Store support page. I hope that was what solved this.
Zwart Veld

30-Jan-2019 11:45:59

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01-Feb-2019 22:20:10

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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@ King Tumeken - As you already have your own thread open for your issue, its best to continue to use that thread, rather than hijack another players thread.

In the regular discussion forums, it is appreciated that you check to see if there is already a thread open for the topic you wish to discuss.

However, in the Community Led Support Forums, it is much easier to give everyone the help they are looking for if each user creates their own thread about their issue.

Every user's situation is somewhat unique, and it can get confusing as to which post is to which user, when more than one player is trying to get help on the same thread. Advice given to the original player may not apply in each case. Also, when tacking your situation on to another player's thread, those helping may recognize the thread as one where the issue had already been solved, and may not notice that a different situation has been added to that thread.


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01-Feb-2019 22:38:07

King Tumeken
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King Tumeken

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Lol whatever you say Tren...

Im not going to type out my opinion and support as to how youre wrong, but ya man, im sorry; I wont relate to other players again if you just think Im adding my problems into a thread.

Hey, you should lock this as it has been resolved right. Once again sorry.
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