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I've had a little thought (might not be a good one but here we go).

When it comes to smithing we don't have much of a variation of hammers to use (unlike pickaxes).

My idea is similar to pickaxes in a way of, having higher ones reduce heat loss when smithing, I know crystal hammer can have something similar but hammers (that you create yourself out of bars) to reduce heat on earlier smithing bars would be beneficial to how the new mining is.

This could be something like dragon hammer would reduce heat loss on adamant by 20%, making smithing a bit quicker but not OTT. Then making a bane package would reduce heat loss on adamant at 30% slower rate, again keeping it a bit quicker but not over powering the speed of the items created.

But also have it so say using a dragon hammer on rune bars would be 5% less heat loss etc etc.

Hope you can see what I mean, it adds more variation to the game and helps a little bit with how slow smithing seems to be at the moment. Not a massive help but something more.
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17-Feb-2019 16:27:26

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I guess it's easier to work with flat values instead of percentages. And I guess it would be easier to work with progress rather than heat for that aspect.

Would of course leave the question what to do with the crystal hammer then to keep it relevant.
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