Scroll of Efficiency update.

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Prior to the smithing rework, the Scroll of Efficiency used to at least have the chance of saving multiple bars at once. Every now and then, it would save a bar or two, saving effectively 20-40% of bars used on a single item, once in a while.

Now, whenever I save a bar, its one, and only one, regardless of what I'm smithing. If I'm making base gear, don't really care, it ranges from 20-100% of the bars used, depending on the item, but when I'm upgrading Elder Rune Platebody +4 to +5 at the cost of 80 bars, whats the point in saving one bar?

One bar in such a huge load is insignificant, it doesn't even matter. Especially considering I could smith 20 plates from 4 to 5 and save a total of 2-3 bars.

I feel like the Scroll of Efficiency was overlooked during the rework, as it was not directly obtained from mining or smithing but a reward from an unrelated minigame instead.

The scroll should be updated to retain a use in the game instead of becoming another useless reward from Dungeoneering.

Each upgrade of armours doubles the bars required from the previous upgrade. The scroll should also double as you go.
Building base, save 1 bar
+1, save 2 bars
+2, save 4 bars
+3, save 8 bars
+4, save 16 bars
+5, save 32 bars
That would probably serve for Platebodies and legs, but as for Full helms, gloves and boots, probably half of that so +1 is still on 1 bar save like base.

I'm not sure if it changed with the update, but according to the wiki, the chances of saving bars is as low as 2%.

This change wouldn't make too much of a difference to a quick smelt to make a weapon or armour quickly, but to those training for 99, 120 or 200m, in the long run, it would make the Scroll of Efficiency a useful item to get early on and help players get a bit more experience out of their bars.

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'When completing a smithing object, for every bar used to make it (every bar in the recipe, not every bar it contains) there is a 2% chance for that bar to be immediately refunded. This can refund multiple bars from a single item.'

It is 2 % per bar. When the item uses more bars, the scroll will proc more likely. The old scroll (and basically most other dungeoneering artisan scrolls) solely encouraged you to create items, which use exactly 3 units of material (1/2 couldn't proc it, 4+ hadn't even given an higher chance to save something - ignoring the fact, that the scroll was literally unusable for adamant and runite (sure it saved you a bar every now and then - but certainly not as reliable as the new one).

And well - a bar saved is a bar saved - that's free profit or cut costs for you. That might not be much for a single elder rune +5 body, but you likely won't just create one in your lifetime. And smithing your way up to level 120 it really should add up.
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