Prif Gem Rock findings.

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Mined with:
Magic Golem Set
Mining Cape
Augmented pickaxe of earth and song (honed 4, furnace 1)
Lots of porters and grace of the elves
Almost always active Lava Titan
Legendary Quarrymaster

Exact Results for 100 Onyx;
5988 Sapphire
6083 Emerald
6313 Ruby
5113 Diamond
3230 Dragonstone
100 Onyx

Using rounding rates we have
267 total gems per Onyx.

~0.38% chance per Onyx. If my math is correct.
Or less than half of one percent.

The wiki declares this improves the higher the mining level. Due to the titan being active, this must improve the odds somewhat.

The wiki DOES NOT list the current rates however.

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Mining familiars do no longer affect your mining level - they rather increase the damage you deal per hit to the rock, so you can cut this piece of information already.

I think your sample size could be interesting enough to be contributed to respective talk page (, unsure if it is fit to be added to the article as is.
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