The Issue With Smithing (IM)

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Something I am wondering about smithing, is why it takes me more than a minute to smith a Steel Platebody, even though I am 67 smithing. As an Iron woman, I have literally no purpose in having Stone spirits that don't correlate to the Tier I am currently up to via smithing skill. There's no purpose in smithing lower tiered content (even if to disassemble) as it takes almost the same amount of time, with less pay off (less defensive / offensive comps), than current tier.

An easy fix?? Implement tiered Smithing Hammers, that have higher progress per hammer. Similar to the Pickaxe, you achieve more progress on an item per tick. Making it a viable option to mine away at my 1k+ Addy Spirits, so that I can create platebodies for Disassembly. Otherwise, my Stone spirits will lay to waste on the floor (thus losing the benefit of introducing them at all).

I'm not sure what the worth is with Grand Exchange.... Is it worth using stone spirits just to mine for profit?? Would appreciate any feedback.

08-Mar-2019 09:53:56

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That isn't fully true. You'll need lower levelled bars later on to create masterwork armour. You also need runite (and in conjunction luminite) to create elder rune.

If you use the stone spirit you'll likely make a small profit, since ores usually are worth more than the spirit used. If it's worth using low levelled spirits instead of directly mining high levelled ores - probably not.
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Instead of better hammers, it would be nice if you could do quick smithing at double the level required to make something (or 99 for quick-rune). If it takes 6 seconds to quick-make an Addy platebody (let's say yielding 85 xp, 10% of the slow smithing amount), then making them for alchemy totals out to 600k per hour. That's not worth doing for money with 80 smithing, but that's the point: it allows people to use up low-level resources and make enough items to efficiently disassemble. I would still rather see most Stone Spirit drops replaced with ores, bars or salvage (particularly silver and gold bars) as well as rebalancing them so high level monsters don't drop 1-3 spirits for a T50 resource, but the ability to quick-make basic items would do a lot for their value (both as items to sell and use). In case it was not clear, you'd only be able to quick-make the most basic form. So you can make an Addy platebody in 6 seconds, but upgrading to +1 would still take the usual time.

08-Mar-2019 13:36:07

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